Duty & Happy. Toys & Confectionery Shops in Russia

Toys & Confectionery Shops at Vnukovo International Airport Vnukovo. Moscow.
Reg Staer


Toys & Confectionery Shops in Russia

Duty & Happy. Business premises at Vnukovo International Airport

Reg Staer

Vnukovo. Moscow

176 + 80 m²


Concept design
Interior design
Industrial design

David de Ramón: Art Direction and 3D Design
Manuel Moral y María Lleyda: 3D modelers


Reg Staer, a Moscow Duty Free company, wanted to create a new business line of Toys and Confectionery, starting with a 176 m² prototype shop, and subsequently an 80 m² shop. We were asked for a very visually impressive shop concept, playful, fun, and international to appeal to all audiences. It should have interactive elements that would serve to keep children cheerful and entertained, while parents would do their shopping when waiting at the airport.

Major challenge

The big problem was that the whole perimeter of the shop was facade, and it should accommodate two types of products, several interactive macro elements on a very small surface and at the same time be very permeable and attractive from outside.

To solve it, the entrances, highlighted by large lighted arches, were placed in the two main facades, as well as showcases with open shelves and two-sided interactive elements, thus achieving the necessary visibility and spectacular view from the outside. The secondary facades were closed with opaque graphics, to bring together most of the product on the inside wall.

For the design of interactive elements that would become the strengths of the space, we relied on the illustrator David de Ramon, who was commissioned to create children and fun characters with vivid colors, that allow to sit down, go up, go down, crouch, pass, slip, and test videogames or iPads. The characters are unique to each shop and are made of resin.

For the rest of the shop, we would opt for a simple design that would work as a more neutral framework for the interactive elements and the product.

DM white-lacquered furniture boasts smooth lines and shapes inspired by houses and trees. Ceilings and friezes simulate a starry sky thanks to optical fiber, and the high traffic floor with green and white stripes animate the circulation.

A big passage for airport installations at the center of the space served as the division between the two product ranges: toys and sweets. The register and help desk would be at the center, acting as a hinge between the two.

When Reg Staer proposed us to design a second shop for the chain, we opted to replicate the architecture and interior design, but we would create new interactive characters —a scalloped hammerhead, a jellyfish and for the register, a robot.

The openings, in May and November 2014, have been a public success, making this new business line a highly profitable part of the company.

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