E.point. My internet gateway

Store and interactive kiosks. Terminal 4, Barajas Airport, Madrid.
Fractalia Remote Systems


My internet gateway


Fractalia Remote Systems

Terminal 4, Aeropuerto Barajas, Madrid

105 m² + 34 kiosks


Interior design
Industrial design

Eric Milet: graphic designer
Maria Lleyda: 3D modeler


Fractalia (a company dedicated to the development of technological applications) asked us to carry out a corporate identity global project, for a tender organized by AENA (Spanish Airports and Aerial Navigation) for a premise intended as communication center and 34 interactive kiosks for Terminal 4 passengers at Barajas Airport in Madrid.

The store had to be a space that conveyed an international and close image, due to its location and target audience, so that anyone would feel comfortable using the new technologies, where passengers could get access to a computer or connect theirs, taking advantage of services including printing, fax, teleconferencing and video games. The kiosks scattered around the airport would lend continuity to this service at different spots of the terminal, and would therefore had to be identified as part of the whole.

Major challenge

We found that the integration with the Rogers & Lamela project was vital to provide an overall consistency to our proposal. Our work and effort was recognized and we were awarded the tender, commissioning us the execution, manufacturing and construction project for the center and the interactive kiosks.

Being a global identity project, everything had to have the same aesthetic and get to visually connect objects and spaces, located in different Barajas areas and terminals. The kiosks were perfectly integrated with the aesthetics of the terminal, achieving a technological and human air. The more compact proportions and colors made them accessible to all audiences.

The same color code and pictograms, understandable by all international passengers, associated the kiosks to the technology center, located in the Satellite T4. The success was such that AENA extended the concept to other major airports in Spain.

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