European Dental Clinic in Tangiers. European Clinic in Morocco

European Dental Clinic in Tangiers. Morocco.


European Clinic in Morocco

Polyclinique Dentaire de Tanger



5-story building of 800 m² in total

Ongoing execution

Concept design
Interior design

David de Ramón: illustrator
Marta H. de Teso:architect
Cristina Ahijado:architect -translator
Angélica Vargas: interior designer


Create a reference among specialized Dental Clinics in Morocco. Our customer wants a clinic with an innovative appearance and an international character. The target is broad and varied (political and monarchy elite, diplomats, foreigners settled in Tangiers, middle and lower classes). Although mainly for Europeans residing in the city, it should be available to any person. The patient should feel comfortable and confident, leave behind the image that associates the dentist to fear and suffering. Offering a friendly and personal attention, in a place with comfortable and welcoming waiting rooms, becomes imperative. At the same time, VIP personalities should receive deferential treatment and enjoy complete privacy from the moment they enter the clinic until they leave.

The goals: to design a building that takes in all customer profiles, to unite all spaces/actions necessary for dental practice (operating rooms, implants, emergency, hospital, etc.), under a warm, yet modern character, both for customers and for employees.

Major challenge

It was one of our biggest challenges in our careers, since we were not only facing the cultural challenge and the construction of a building in a residential area, but the difficulty of regulations and procedures of the country. With the collaboration of a local architect, architectural issues have been overcome and the design has been aligned with local regulations, but always keeping the original idea.

A very useful tool was to make the “customer journey map”, which allowed us to analyze the use of the building from different perspectives: customer, VIP customer, clinician, medical assistant, administrative personnel and supplier. The concept is linked specifically to the working philosophy of our clients: proximity, innovation, transparency and a team of dental experts. This has resulted in a translucent, white building with radial distribution spaces, where wood, vegetation inside and glass are the main protagonists.

To facilitate the maintenance of the building, materials and solutions have been screened for an easy cleaning, sanitization and resistance. The facade’s pattern helps to correct glare and at the same time, with the collaboration of Estudio 7tres, we have achieved a sustainable and intelligent project, which is a milestone in the city.

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