Fashion Boutiques in Rusia

Fashion stores at Vnukovo International Airport. Moscow.
Reg Staer


Fashion Boutiques in Rusia

Business premises at Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow

Reg Staer

Vnukovo. Moscow

1.250 m²


Concept design
Interior design

Maria Lleyda: 3D modeler


After learning about our experience in the retail sector in airports, the Russian Duty Free company Reg Staer, commissioned us a project of three fashion shops located at Vnukovo airport.

Shop users would be mostly businessmen and tourists, and part of international tourism. The customer wanted to give this retail-dedicated space a luxurious, modern and international character, and it had to be flexible to accommodate different fashion brands, all of them of high and very high quality.

Major challenge

The challenge was to clarify the visual style of the shops associated with its brand, which should coexist and enhance without competing with the fashion brands, and at the same time provide an attractive solution for the shop windows that would impact the fleeting customer of an airport.

Two different shop styles were chosen according to the brands that each included: a more luxurious and ornate style for the top-of-the-line brands and a second, equally luxurious but organic style for the medium-high quality brands. Textures and materials available internationally were sought, which would symbolize luxury and elegance, such as golden, shiny black hues, wallpapers, specialty woods, lacquered whites and technical lighting by Flos. Special furniture such as promotional stands and boxes were created to be integrated into the overall image of the shops. All in a well distributed space, designed so that passengers would traverse it completely and brands would simply place their furniture and corporate identities.

For the shop windows of the most high-end store, a combination of opaque areas with open areas, light boxes for advertising and furniture sharing indoor and outdoor exhibition were chosen.

Ever since, and after this first experience, other projects continue arising; our collaboration with this company remains active and has been strengthened with time, becoming a recurrent client.

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