Macedonia Fruit Café. The flavors of fresh fruit

The flavors of fresh fruit juices, food and greengrocer store. Miguel Ángel, 34. Madrid.


The flavors of fresh fruit

Macedonia Fruit Café


Miguel Ángel, 34. Madrid

90 m²


Concept design
Interior design

David de Ramón: illustrator
Blas Rico: graphic designer

For Javier, the owner, it was not the first project of its kind that he embarked on. He already had a shop for selling juices, food and greengrocer, and what he now intended was to redesign his business, then to franchise, and to develop a corporate global image manual in which all the graphic and architectural aspects were normalized.

The concept: a space with humor, which speaks about “fruit”, colorful and cozy, to enjoy a wide range of smoothies and juices made with fresh fruit. Everything should be infused with fruit and vegetables, the main ingredients of the entire product range, as the space offers from breakfasts, appetizers, lunches, snacks to ready meals.

Major challenge

To redesign a brand that would connect with the usual customers and would attract new profiles, mostly workers from nearby offices looking for healthy products, children and adults.

We decided to create a color palette with the natural colors of fruit, not saturated like other chains, to promote the “natural” concept, and David de Ramón, illustrator, created a few pictograms that provided a note of humor and proximity to the new brand image, more professional and typographical than the original.

We wanted the facade to become a visual advertisement and we achieved it with eye-catching signage, a few corporate awnings that gave a homemade touch, and large windows with wooden frames that encourage seeing inside. The space played with colors, the fruit forms and the wood from planks, recalling fruit boxes. Transparent chairs helped to create a sense of spaciousness, and the picture of “Cristobal Melon”, an illustration of the discoverer with a head that resembled a melon, brings more humor.

Effort, enthusiasm and dedication have been invested in the realization of this project, which has provided much satisfaction, and has turned Macedonia into a business with expectations about the future and a successful medium to long-term projection.

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