Pimentón. Extremadura Casual-Food

Concept for restaurant-cafeteria in the building at the Temple of Diana. Mérida.
Miguel Ruiz Balsera


Pimentón. Extremadura Casual-food

Business concept and tender awarded for restaurant-cafeteria in the building at the Temple of Diana.

Miguel Ruiz Balsera, owner of the chain of restaurants from Extremadura El Duende.

Building of the Temple of Diana. Mérida.

350 m²


Strategy and concept design
Interior design
3D visualization

Rrebrand: strategy and graphic identity


Rrebrand, a branding company, sought our collaboration in a project to develop a chain of restaurants of Extremaduran modern cuisine. Miguel, the customer, had an innovative and ambitious idea; he wanted to create a space that promoted worldwide the products with designation of origin of Extremadura, through the cuisine, a shop, workshops, exhibitions, events, etc.

When we had the concept developed together with Rrebrand and we had created the “Pimentón” (paprika) experience, Miguel was offered to participate in a tender organized by the Board of Extremadura, consisting in the adaptation of several premises to be used as cafeteria-restaurant near the Temple of Diana. It was an opportunity to sell the project to the Board of Extremadura and to capture the attention of the public.

The objectives of the competition consisted in recovering the Temple of Diana surroundings for the use and enjoyment of the citizen, to turn them into a new focus of tourist attraction so as to diversify and bring value to the visit of the Monumental Compound, thus stimulating it through economic, cultural, tourist and social uses.

That is why our concept, which was oriented towards the franchise, sought to spread beyond our borders, the essence of the culture of Extremadura. The “Pimentón” experience was different from the classical concept of a restaurant and a cafe in the fact that there would be different areas: a store where people could buy the raw material offered in the menu, an events area that would allow to provide experiences: a wine or oil tasting, a workshop to explore the possibilities of cherries or an exhibition of a product brand wishing to make contact with our customers. This area would have two types of public: the end consumer who would like to be trained in our proposals, and companies wishing to promote their products in Pimentón. In addition, our store would have a travel agency, with service staffed by a technician who could design, according to the needs of the customer, the best way to explore the region.

Major challenge

It was a very complex and extensive tender, since it required lots of documentation within a very short time. The concept was applied taking into account the building regulations, demanding a strict application by virtue of having been declared a National Monument in 1912. The design had not to overshadow the Temple, therefore, a more subtle intervention was chosen, where the red “paprika” would provide the color shade. The use of the terrace was an extension of the premise and a major point of advertisement for the life of the square.

Our biggest reward was a tender awarded. Thanks to the successful partnerships, to the effort and enthusiasm that we invested in this project, we managed to create a viable business model with value.

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