Q’deleite. The cheese as a star

Delicatessen store and bar at Montecarmenlo. Madrid.
Isabel and Fernando


The cheese as a star


Isabel and Fernando

C/ Monasterios de las Huelgas, 19
Montecarmelo, Madrid

59 m²


Concept design
Interior design

Pablo Guijarro: graphic designer
Marta H. de Teso: architect
Angélica Vargas: interior designer


The owners, the couple “Isabel and Fernando” wanted to start a business that would reflect their most personal values: detail-oriented, careful, close, passionate about cheese, and everything related to gourmet products. For this reason, they wanted to open a space for sale and tasting of delicatessen products, specializing in cheeses. To enjoy a quiet purchase, with a personalized and attentive service in a pleasant, modern atmosphere, with a carefully-studied design, down to the smallest details, ad hoc to product needs; those would be their objectives. The shop had to host a varied range of domestic and international cheeses, wines, cellars, champagnes, beers (domestic and international) smoked, canned foods, oil, chocolates, etc.

The design had to comply with various aspects: a striking facade despite its small dimensions, an image of proximity, suitable for all consumption hours, a flexible and functional exhibition to be managed by one or two persons, and the spatial relationship between the store and the consumption area.

Q’deleite is not only about cheese, but about all products that can be consumed inside the shop, the pleasure that provides each exquisite bite, and the experience to be enjoyed within the local.

Major challenge

To meet all the needs of the program in a small area of less than 60m², in a limited time and to attract customers at different times of the day, it was all a challenge. Our customer wanted not only a space for selling gourmet products, but also intended that products could be tasted in the same shop in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The establishment should convey the personality of Isabel, visible head of the business, with a contemporary design and a warm atmosphere, to become a place of reference in the neighborhood. For this we use hardwood, textured materials and colorful ceramics at different levels to embrace the consumption area.

With the open design of the facade, which used diagonals that resemble cheese wedges, we gained natural light and maximum visibility, as well as the feeling of spaciousness.

The lighting was studied with special care on this occasion, to control the temperature and the color of the products on display, as well as consumption, without relinquishing a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

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