Vino & Compañía. New classic at Chamberí

Wine store and wine-tasting courses. Plaza de Olavide. Madrid.
Vino & Compañía


New classic at Chamberí

Vino & Compañía

Vino & Compañía

Plaza de Olavide. Madrid

80 m²


Concept design
Interior design
Branding and illustration

David de Ramón: illustrator
Paloma Rincón: photographer
Alba López: interior designer


His intention was not to open a wine store, what Andrés González Sellares wanted was a new business approach in which to give expression to his passion and knowledge of the world of wines, and also to offer a product suitable for any buyer’s budget. It was imperative that the establishment had a dedicated space to offer courses for wine-tasting, wine presentations, tasting new products, etc. It is located in Plaza de Olavide, distributed over two floors, the upper one for the store and the ground floor intended to hold events.

The aim was to create a space that would encourage public to come in without any qualms, and that once inside they would perceive a warm, informal and trusting environment that would turn the store into a regular destination for shopping and getting information on the world of wine, all with a low budget.

Major challenge

One of the challenges of this project was that in the same place, a wine store had already existed before, namely a franchise. This coincidence added some complexity, as we had to create a shop that, although it was dedicated to the same line of business, had nothing to do with its predecessor. The makeover had to communicate a new vision of the business and convey that both the owner and the philosophy were now different, and for that we had a low budget. The establishment had to pick that flavor of the “usual Madrid”, but using at the same time contemporary elements that would transmit a new business concept. An old facade recovered with modern and informal typography, images in the shop window, a long table replacing the typical checkout, around which a closeness relationship between the buyer and the seller could be made easier, wood furniture designed ad hoc with metallic shelving, warm lightning reminiscent of a candle in a cellar… all these details would contribute to create the identity Andrés was looking for, and that were the key for this project to achieve a positive economic growth during its first months.

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