Walk!. Walking Tall

Shoes and accessories store at Canary Islands.
Fund Grube


Walking Tall

Walk!. Tienda prototipo en Lanzarote

Fund Grube

Canary Islands

200 m²


Concept design
Interior design

David de Ramón: illustrator
Blas Rico: graphic designer
Alba López: interior designer
Maria Lleyda: 3D modeler


Our client Fund Grube decided to expand its business line with a chain of shoe stores scattered across the Canary Islands, a market that it knows perfectly, offering a casual-sport product aimed mainly at the tourist, since it would be a holiday shopping, in most cases to be donned right away. The image had to convey a good quality-price relation and design to differentiate itself from other existing similar chains, and had to achieve a relaxed and accessible space. Lanzarote was the chosen location where the prototype store would open its doors to the public and from this point the business concept would continue to expand.

Clear brand identification would be paramount and a layout favoring the cross-selling of products had to be designed, with accessory zones and multiproduct displays. The facade should allow full visibility of the store and invite people to enter.

Backed by the prestige of Fund Grube, a brand known in the islands for its quality and long history, Walk! would rely on its support to begin to take its first steps.

Major challenge

To create a versatile brand for the implementation of a global, different project, although related to the Fund Grube brand. From the beginning, we designed “Walk!” with a very communicative, expressive and fresh image, which permeated through the different departments of the company, getting the acceptance of all.

Since we had an extensive experience in the implementation of chain stores and this was a customer with whom we had worked closely for its chain of perfumery stores, the briefing was clear and helped us to facilitate a successful solution.
We had to create an emotional brand to differentiate ourselves from the competition, by turning the environment changing and evocative. For that we used fresh and cheerful colors which, combined with ash wood, gain warmth.

The design of the furniture and brand signage was carefully studied to be flexible as needed, as it would be a multi-brand space and therefore, a changing one. In order to create dynamism, format multiplicity and fragmentation were favored, and linearity avoided. Each stand was developed once the proposal was approved, evaluating production costs, materials, etc., and the decision was taken together with the marketing department.

The distribution was defined first by sex and then by product range, thus improving circulation and operation, always carefully analyzing the placement of promotional or special interest areas throughout the tour, and stamping the design concepts.

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