We specialize in the design of brand spaces, with a very customized and client-focused approach that is able to exceed its initial expectations

Mostaza Design was created more than ten years ago. Founded in 2002, this company was born with the aim of providing space design and comprehensive branding services specialized in public areas: retail, hotel/catering, offices and exhibitions. During our journey, we have forged partnerships with professionals from different disciplines, creating versatile teams, which has enabled us to face the particular needs and the complexity involved in each project. Behind our way of dealing with projects lies our own particular methodology and a long experience that supports the mode in which we solve each new challenge. A key part of our “know-how” is the way we understand and listen to our customers. From a close, accessible position and with a spirit of dialogue, we provide answers to their needs. Closeness, professionalism, collaboration and a great deal of effort are the values ​​pinned to our DNA, and without them, it would have been impossible to become who we are today.

“We wanted to create a company that could provide business concept designs for small and medium businesses, just as the design agencies for whom we had worked would do for large companies, preventing the SMEs to afford such services due to high budgets and their non-professional small scale nature.”

Ana Castro, founding partner

“Many of our colleagues working in agencies, and that have now become freelancers, are the same with whom we are now collaborating. The result of these partnerships are comprehensive projects carried out together with experienced professionals with whom we share the same vision and way of working, this is how we achieve more complete projects that impact our customers’ satisfaction.”

Alba López, interior designer

We create brands, emotions and experiences; We make possible the transformation of a business concept or idea into a brand image with its own identity, contributing with sensations that can be experienced first-hand;A methodology of our own and an extensive experience are the main hallmarks supporting our projects;For us the design is a means to an end: to convert businesses into brands that know how to transmit sensations;To speak only about design would be to limit who we are and what we do

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