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Imagining the future. Together.

Mostaza Design set out to be a new kind of agency, offering avant-garde concepts for global business advantage, to companies large and small. This meant even SMES could benefit from big agency thinking and professional expertise that was usually beyond their budgets.

We wanted to help them gain competitive advantage through long-term partnerships - sharing their ambitions, and offering business insights that promote their renovation and growth.

We are creative, self-demanding and pragmatic. We thrive on meeting deadlines and the challenges of highly competitive sectors. But, above all, we are open, we listen to our clients and we jump on board to become part of the team.

We create unique customer experiences through spatial design and branding

A perfectly in sync team, we have remained true to our values since we started working together more than 15 years ago.

Ana Castro

Ana Belén Castro

Managing Director and Creative Director

Bursting with energy and global perspectives, Ana leads the agency by projecting her 360-degree vision of retail on all professional areas. Her focus – the client. Her everyday challenge – getting her team to reach their full potential. Her greatest dedication – researching and sharing her knowledge of retail.

Her wide experience, gained over more than 20 years, applies her problem-solving skills to create and develop compelling corporate spaces. She started designing corporate spaces for leading technology companies and then moved on to retail within a multinational branding agency, where she worked conceptualising and running projects for top brands. After more than 15 years as the head of Mostaza Design, she never stops in her quest for perfection. Combined with her friendliness and inquiring mind, this drives her to constantly establish rewarding working partnerships with her clients.

She has a university degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Advertising and Corporate Identity. She also teaches the course Good Morning, Retail run by the Association of Professional Architects of Madrid (COAM) and the Retail module in the Postgraduate degree in Architecture, Fashion and Design (AMD) at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

Although her greatest passion is undoubtedly travelling and enjoying nature in the company of her family… she somehow manages to take thousands of photos of retail spaces and bombard us with information on her return.

Alba Lopez

Alba López

Interior Designer
Technical Director

“I look for creative solutions to complex challenges.”

As a senior team member at Mostaza Design, Alba has been supporting clients for more than 10 years. She started her career managing and planning projects for important retail chain stores and later worked freelance for different companies, where she was in charge of store designs, corporate image and advertising.

In 2009 she joined Mostaza Design and has been taking part and supervising technical issues in all the stages of a project ever since, from the definition of the concepts to their implementation. 

She studied Interior Design at Art School 10 (Escuela de Arte 10) in Madrid.

Someone who always loves a challenge, never misses an opportunity to learn and improve. She loves children so much that she started a large family. This comes in handy when checking out stores.

Angélica Vargas

Angélica Vargas

Interior and Furniture Designer
Interior Design Architect and Creative Design

Passionate and committed to checking every single detail of a project. “Design is not for philosophy, it is for life.” (Issey Miyake)

Angélica is an Interior Designer and has been working for Mostaza Design since 2012, creating concepts and developing and coordinating projects for better “customer experiences”. Specialising in furniture design, she always shares her broad vision of design and technical knowledge when tackling projects.

Born in Mexico City, she finished her studies in the School of Decorative Arts of Madrid (Escuela de Artes Decorativas de Madrid) in 2005. She began her professional career in Sogecable carrying out projects for TV sets and then moved on to Global Events, creating concepts and designing spaces for events and trade fairs.

As a Feng Shui and positive “energy” lover, she always provides invaluable insights for any project.

Ana Ramírez

Ana Ramírez

Design & Technical Development

“Trust in the team and a good working environment make every day a day worth living.”

Ana joined Mostaza’s team in 2017 to strengthen the technical area and coordination across other disciplines. Ana gets involved in all the projects, from planning and design to technical development, to tendering processes and local authority approvals. 

Before that, she was working in architecture for the service sector. She has been in charge of tenders for sports centres, hospitals and universities, and has also carried out technical and construction projects for companies such as Metrovacesa, BBVA-Bancomer, Porsche and Kia Motors.

She obtained a degree in Architecture at the ETSAM School of Architecture (Higher School of Architecture of Madrid) in 2011. 

What she enjoys the most is a day out in the mountains… whether it is freezing, windy or hot!

María López

María López

Retail Designer

“Satisfaction is turning strategic creativity into a tangible reality for the brand.”

After specialising in retail design, María has worked with large and small brands in the hospitality sector, and also for cosmetics and the fashion industry. She actively participates in all the stages of a project, from concept to implementation, including furniture design and technical execution. 

She received a degree in Architecture from the ETSAM School of Architecture (Higher School of Architecture of Madrid) in 2013 and spends her free time illustrating for her own brand. She is a multi-skilled worker and a very valuable asset for Mostaza Design.

She loves action, science fiction and fantasy… and certainly wishes she had been accepted at Hogwarts when she was 11.

Manuel Moral

Manuel Moral

Visual artist

“Representing ideas, captivating customers.” 

Since 2014 he is responsible for 3D visualisation and videos, creating virtual and immersive journeys in the spaces we design for brands.

He has been working in the audiovisual industry for 15 years and teaching in post-production programmes for more than 10. He also teaches at Lightbox Academy.

An education in Fine Arts, and his passion for music and his headphones’ volume, do not prevent him from participating in the creative phases of all projects. 



Finance Director

“I assist the general management and I enjoy analysing financial data to suggest improvements.”

Lorenzo has been working in finance for more than 20 years and has been responsible for business administration in multinational companies. He has considerable experience in many sectors and collaborates closely with businesses and consultancy firms.    

He takes great pleasure in life’s little details and loves running. Even better if on a sandy beach! 

David de Ramón

David de Ramón


“I enjoy large-scale jobs because I can pay more attention to detail, so the bigger the reproduction of my work, the better. That’s why my illustrations integrate so well with murals.”  

“After more than 20 years’ experience, I can say that I’ve begun like almost everybody in my profession – drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. And I still do it today. I work on strong well-structured compositions that can easily guide the eyes of passers-by around the artwork, establishing an immediate connection to the idea that’s been represented.”

“I use a rich and bright colour palette, using loads of brushstrokes and different layers of colour so that the tones look ‘alive’.”  

His work has been recognised by international publications such as Communication Arts, New York’s Society of Illustrators, The Society for News Design, Spectrum, 3×3, Applied Arts, Lurzer’s Archive Best Illustrators Worldwide and TASCHEN Illustration Now!. Yet, for David, his greatest achievement lies in having been able to turn his passion into a career.  

We collaborate with professionals and companies, specialising in international markets. Sharing vision and work practices, we successfully lead global and extremely complex projects that always push the boundaries.

Branding, Communication and Web Design

Illustrator and Muralist

Lighting Design

Vegetation in Architecture

Catering Equipment and Hospitality

Structural Analysis and Architecture

Computer graphics and Virtual Tours

Concept Implementation


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